• Stephanie Kahn

Can’t get your butt moving to the gym?

Updated: Mar 5

Remember your "why." When you think like quitting, remember why you started.

How I get to the gym #strongwomen

So Im currently trying to get to the gym! I go through these bouts of living in the gym and feeling strong and fit. Then for months I just can't find the time. Work, my son, my relationship, friends. I feel like everything I do equals to never having enough time for my bod!

No more! Its time to do what makes me happy!! Ladies you know what I mean, when we get lost in making sure everything stays together in the household and making sure our loved ones are happy. We simply, get distracted.

My idea is to take you through my journey how how I get into shape and what works for me in hopes to help my girls out there get motivated too!

So I make lists to get things done and I recommend anyone who has 101 things to do a day, MAKE A LIST.

1. Get into the gym, people there are motivating, go with friends make it fun!

2. Wake up earlier and have me time to do yoga, with a 4 year old its hard to find that time, so when he's asleep its perfect.

3. A new and fun activity that lets me get fit w out knowing lol, depending on the season this could be skiing, surfing or hiking. (I will keep you updated)

4. Learning a new way to get into shape, Ive picked Brikam yoga and I start this Friday!! I love learning new things, maybe Ill hate it but Ill never know if I don't try.

Make a list ladies, what works for you?

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