• Stephanie Kahn

The one thing I would tell to my 16 year old self

Updated: Mar 25

The only thing promised to you is change...

Life can be scary

I always had a plan and stuck to my plans. School, relationships etc. but things change! Whether we like it or not...

So roll with it sisters! Learn and grow, that's all we can do.


This word is derived from the Japanese culture. It doesn't translate exactly but it means "to have a purpose". Theres actually a book about Ikagai that i will post below for anyone interested in a good read.

This hits me hard now because being laid off like many of us during the Covid 19 I am finding it hard to find my purpose. I wake up but this time I don't have a job to go to. Thats okay I like spending time with my family. But what is MY purpose as Stephanie not as mom. Im trying to find my place right now so I have a purpose. Without a purpose many people get depressed and stagnant.

So what is your Ikigai?

What keeps you going?

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